Ballmer Says Microsoft Not An Evil Empire

from the sure,-you-would-say-that-wouldn't-you? dept

Steve Ballmer says it bothers him when people call Microsoft the “evil empre” because “A, we’re not evil. B, we’re not an empire.” Of course, it’s easy to say such things – proof is a little tougher. Microsoft is still trying to convince people that they want to sell the best product to people. If that’s true, why do they work so hard at making sure others can’t get their (possibly better) products to market? I use Microsoft products, and personally, I don’t think they’re as bad as some people make them out to be. However, the fact is, time and time again, Microsoft has shown that they make ethically questionable decisions when they compete with companies. They don’t compete on the basis of the products, but instead figure out ways to hurt or block off the competition completely. That’s not healthy.

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