Why Turing Testers Hate The Loebner Prize

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An interesting discussion about the Loebner Prize for the Turing test where some of the contestants point out why they think the Loebner version of the test sucks. Basically, the main complaint is that in the original Turing Test, the “judges” aren’t even supposed to know they’re testing to figure out if the person they’re talking to is human or a computer. So, they don’t try to ask “trick” questions to foul them up. Of course, that’s pretty damn difficult to set up as a “test” in real life. Would you just bring in random “judges” off the street, have them chat away on a computer for half an hour or so, and on their way out the door say, “oh, by the way, were you talking to a real person or a computer?”.

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Comments on “Why Turing Testers Hate The Loebner Prize”

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Hugh Loebner (user link) says:

Loebner Prize and Turing Test

Your statement is wrong. Read Turing’s article.
Turing _explicity_ described a game: “The Imitation Game” the object of which was for a judge to decide which of two humans (a man and a woman) was the woman when the man’s job was to fool the judge.
The judge knew that there were two people, knew that one was a man and one was a woman, and knew that he (or she) had to decide which is which.
Turing then wrote “We now ask the question, “What will happen when a machine takes the part of A [the man] in this game?”

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