What Gartner Thinks The Big Trends Of The Next Decade Are

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David Coursey is taking issue with Gartner’s latest predictions for the top four business/tech trends of the next decade. Three of the trends seem obvious, and the last one just seems weird. The obvious ones: customer “self-service” online, web services, and wearable computing. Of course, my bet is that all of these will come about in different ways that Gartner is predicting. The last one is something to do with “tagging”, which seems to be Gartner’s way of reinventing the term “metadata” while sounding like consultants.

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Comments on “What Gartner Thinks The Big Trends Of The Next Decade Are”

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Ed says:

Re: No Subject Given

On the contrary, Gartner/Dataquest/etc had been around in one form or another long before the recent bull market and will continue to exist as long as corporate middle managers are more focused on dealing with internal politics than keeping up with technologies themselves. (In other words, forever.)

sb says:

Re: Re: No Subject Given

Middle managers will be cut as well. No more Gartner as well. No one needs them anymore. Lots of excesses are exposed for what they are, in a depression. You underestimat the magnitude of the times ahead. THe next decade will be a lean one. no need to pay idiots for predictions. Use a tarot card reader for that. much cheaper

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