Stock Options Might Not Make You Rich

from the well,-duh... dept

Here’s an oddly timed article. I think there are very very few people these days who are still counting on stock options making them rich. So, why is publishing a column talking about the fine print of stock options? I have no idea. First off, many employees have finally realized that in many ways stock options are a lottery – and so they don’t rely on them. Sure there are ways to increase your chances (sign on with a better company with better management in a better sector), but there’s always an element of luck involved. If the company really takes off then you might be ok, but most of the time, stock options come up empty. While people forgot this in the late 90s, I think most people know about it now. Suddenly getting into the details of liquidation rights (which you should know about anyway before you sign on with a startup anyway) seems like it should affect to the 2 or 3 people out there who still think they’re going to get rich off their stock options.

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