How Major League Baseball Built

from the they-should-have-hired-someone-else dept

An interesting article looking at everything that went on to eventually build the Major League Baseball website at As someone who uses the website pretty frequently, I can say that it sucks. It breaks down more times that any website should. I’ve memorized the phone number for tech support – where the support people are useless. No matter what I’ve told them, they always tell me to delete all my cookies and history from the browser – and if that doesn’t work, to reboot and “try again later”. I called them once while using Opera as my browser (since actually I found that the site usually works better with Opera), and they had no idea what Opera was. The guy actually told me that the site was only designed to work with IE (which doesn’t explain why it never looks right when I use IE on the site). However, despite all this, is claiming that everything they’ve done is a huge success. I guess they don’t talk to their users at all.

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Comments on “How Major League Baseball Built”

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clous says:


yes you are right this mlb site does SUCK. Absolutely terrible. Try finding the standings.
its ridiculous that you can get something as simple as that.

the old site was so much better.
its unbelievable how they could muck it up. i think this case study also points to the benefits of decentralization, call me an old internet philosopher.

Sondra K says:


I too have had problems with MLB.COM not with baseball stats but with buying Yankee products.
I just sent them a letter letting them know there poilicies suck, their people are useless and I will never buy anything from them again. Maybe we could get them banned from the internet lol
Their return policy is they dont have one,if you buy something and it comes damaged you must return and repurchase, very customer friendly in my opinion, you cant get a supervisor on the phone unless you go thru your story with a useless sales associate and if you use profain language like “this is bullshit” you get scolded and told if you do it again they will hang up on you, my story goes on and on but i will spare youthe gory details, just a note

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