Pac Bell Fined For Confusing Customers

from the sales-over-service dept

California is cracking down on Pac Bell. They have been fined $25.6 million for “deceptive marketing”. It seems that when you call Pac Bell, they start pitching you services to buy before they even handle the reason you called. On top of that, they give those services confusing names, don’t clearly explain them, and usually offer the most expensive services without explaining what the cheaper options are. I can’t remember having such problems with Pac Bell, but I can tell you that in the three years I’ve been a Pac Bell customer, I can’t say that I have the slightest idea what anything on my bill means. I just flip pages until I find a total amount and give them that much. If they should be fined for anything, it’s for that. How hard is it to simply list what I’m paying for and how much it is?

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Comments on “Pac Bell Fined For Confusing Customers”

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Brian says:

Re: No Subject Given

Pacbell has overcharged me $900 over the past 3 years (because my DSL bill is so confusing), even though I have brought it up with them 3 times over the 3 years. They finally admitted that they were wrong, and said they would refund me $200 (because they can only go back 6 months). When I complained they didn’t even even pay me my $200! Great company.

dianne says:

Re: alternatives to pacbell

You can subscribe to a satellite TV service that uses a satellite to link you with a broadband connection to the internet: directTV, DISH, and one other.
You can use the local library–just like the terrorists.
You can use a laptop with a wireless connection at Starbucks.
You can use a cell phone.
With the alternatives in place, you NEVER have to pay money or put up with Pac Bell again. Pac Bell is a socialist monopoly for whom the subscriber has no legal recourse for injustice. I think NEVER using them again is an excellent idea for everyone. If everyone refused to use them, they would no longer be a public utility.

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