Build Your Own Submarine

from the seems-like-a-good,-expensive-way-to-endanger-yourself dept

The idea of going into a submarine scares many people. Imagine if you had to build the submarine yourself? Apparently, the “in” thing to do these days is to build your own sub. This sounds like people who are looking to win Darwin awards. I guess this isn’t quite as bad as the folks who are building their own rockets to launch themselves into space – but it certainly doesn’t seem that safe. The couple they talk to who are building their own sub say they are doing it so they can “talk” to each other: “We will be able to talk to each other down there — we can take food down with us, listen to a CD player.” They can’t do that in their home, on dry land? Maybe they should build a treehouse if they really need this “special” place to talk, eat, and listen to music.

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