Another Worm Making People Crazy

from the calm-down,-patch-your-machines,-go-back-to-work dept

Ugh. Well, as if we needed more insanity today, a new worm, going by the Nimda name, is annoying people all over the web today. There’s lots of hype about this one too, because it tries, one by one, to attack 16 different security holes in Microsoft’s server. It’s also getting passed around the normal email way. So, let’s see… what does this tell us? Don’t click on attachments you’re not expecting and patch your Microsoft machines whenever a new security hole is found (or don’t use Microsoft server products). Everyone knows all this already, but no one ever pays attention. And, of course, since many news stories are blowing this out of proportion, if you’re just using a desktop Microsoft OS, don’t worry about patches. This isn’t targeted at you (but still don’t click on attachments). Update: I thought it was odd (but didn’t mention it) that the article linked above said there was no evidence that this was related to last week’s tragedy. It seemed like a statement that was just made to keep peoples’ imaginations from running wild. Now, we’ve even got Attorney General John Ashcroft telling us there’s no link between the worm and the terrorist attacks.

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Comments on “Another Worm Making People Crazy”

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Clous says:

About links, Worms no but Diacetylmorphine maybe

One link I haven’t seen talked about much is that between terrorists and heroin (diacetylmorphine). In Fact, this has been almost all but absent from the rhetoric spewing from Washington or the critical commentary of the national media.

The friendly plant from which this substance is made, opium, is widely grown in Afghanastan. In fact, according to many who have visited this fine land, such as Robert Pelton, a frequent tourist there, there is a strong link between heroin and terriorist activity (big surprise?). You think all money from terrorist activities comes from some guy’s share of his family inheritance? Think twice.

Afghanastan is THE major producer of opium. NYC is THE major consumer of heroin. (And Sicily is THE major exporter of heroin). Is there a link here? My conspiracy theory is that this terriorist activity is not so linked to religious fundamentalism, Israel, and US hatred as it is to good old greed — Oil and Drugs. Despite all the hoopla go back to the cry of Money is the Root of ALL Evil. Is there a link between terrorists in Afghanastan and godfathers in Italy? Is the real war a behind-the-scenes attempt to open back up the ports of NYC to the world’s most affective drug, a sort of modern-day, secretive version of the Opium Wars? Dont be so sure.

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