Most People Support Banning Driving While Yakking

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A new study shows that many people support laws that ban cell phone use in the car. Even though two-thirds of the people surveyed owned cell phones, they still felt that using cell phoens while driving was dangerous (though, the poll didn’t indicate how many of those two-thirds had driven while talking). Those surveyed also felt that red-light cameras were a good thing, despite the privacy advocates who feel they’re an invasion of privacy. Sounds like this same group of people wouldn’t mind the fuel cells that help cops catch drunk drivers either.

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Comments on “Most People Support Banning Driving While Yakking”

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todd says:


This is a classic case of some long-forgotten psychology concept (anyone?), where your estimation of your own skill is high and your estimation of another’s skill is low.

So, most of us think that anyone else with a cell phone is a menace who should be banned.

At the same time, most of us think we are exceptionally good at handling the risk and should be exempt from the above.

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