DemoMobile Wrap Ups

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Lots of wireless news has been coming from the DemoMobile (or is it MobileDemo?) show in La Jolla the past few days. Instead of posting all the different stories, here are just two different “wrap ups” that might be useful if you want to know what all the wireless geeks are playing with these days. PCWorld looks at Copytalk, the new Avantgo software, and Oplayo, among others. I’m not sure how useful any of these tools are. Copytalk seems to involve calling a system, recording a message which will then be transcribed by Copytalk scribes who will then email you the text of what you said. I guess it’s sort of a “secretary as an ASP” model. Wired talks about Danger Research, WideRay, and Bitphone. Danger, we’ve spoken about before. WideRay seems to have limited uses – beaming stuff to PDAs using infrared. Bitphone tries to let you view images on your PDAs and mobile phones.

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