Aerie Networks/Ricochet Deal Falls Through, For Now

from the uh-oh dept

So, it looks like Aerie Networks attempt to buy Metricom’s Ricochet Network (and to give me back my favorite way of accessing the internet) has fallen through. They apparently couldn’t reach a deal, but are still talking. What I’m still confused about, is what was the point of the “auction”, if afterwards they’ve spent nearly a month “negotiating”. If Aerie was the highest bidder for the assets, shouldn’t they have gotten them? Why is it that Metricom is suddenly getting greedy and saying “that’s not enough!”. They’re the ones, after all, that are bankrupt. Anyway, the article also points out that Aerie isn’t the most stable company themselves, either. My ricochet is starting to look more and more like a paperweight.

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Comments on “Aerie Networks/Ricochet Deal Falls Through, For Now”

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Simon (user link) says:

Ricochet for new markets

Good day,
I represent CONNECTIVITY RESOURCES Nigeria Ltd; a vintage Communications,IT and convergence firm(

We manage International Communication Brands in the West African market:
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Our mission encompasses bridging the ‘digital divide’ and facilitating affordable ease of use and access to the Internet.’Affordable’ because however far-reaching our vision is as a firm, we are yet intending to deploy this service to a third world market.Irrespective, since we are here speaking of the world’s most populous black nation,the opportunities are inviting.

Metricom’s Ricochet has for quite some time now caught our attention.The declaration of bancruptcy we found to be saddening as the concept is unique and populace-deployable.

Can it work in Africa?…specifically Nigeria?
What would this entail?
Please do not neglect candidly replying this request even if for any reason it deviates from your present corporate vision.I would be immensely pleased however to open directional discussions with you.

Kind regards,

Simon Aderinlola
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