Are You Being Exploited?

from the companies-vs.-workers dept

An opinion piece that I think is supposed to be thought-provoking, but comes across a bit more like ranting about how workers are being exploited by today’s companies. I don’t doubt some of the points made by the writer. Companies have a mostly short term, Wall Street-driven view and will layoff tons of people if it will help the stock price today (even if it will hurt their long term viability). His points about the creeping of the “40-hour-week” into something much longer for most workers – suggesting that they’re giving their time away for free, are also interesting – but not necessarily relevant. He seems to indicate that employees have no choice in the matter, but then goes on about how he made his own choice to be self-employed. He also doesn’t suggest any useful resolution to this “problem”. It’s easy to describe the symptoms of a problem, but what good are you doing if you don’t have suggestions on how to solve it?

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