More On The Excite @Home Mess

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Following on yesterday’s Cringely article about the Excite@Home mess, which seemed to be his own version of things, has a more interesting, more detailed look at how screwed up the merger was from the very beginning. It seems like it should be a warning sign when the new CEO of a company based in Menlo Park, CA announces that he’s moving his family to Boston, and he’ll work from there. The article also points out that since this merger was mainly pushed by Kleiner Perkins (who sat on both boards) – maybe this will be a lesson to companies to realize that VCs sometimes just want to cash out and don’t necessarily have the company’s best interests in mind. If you didn’t know this already, you shouldn’t be accepting any venture capital.

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Comments on “More On The Excite @Home Mess”

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1 Comment
Ed says:


The strong impression I got from the article was that E@H had really, really, really poor senior management. At first I thought this might have been all the dot com kids from the Excite side, but the worthless managers seem to come from the cable side, too. Basically both Jermoluk (from the @Home side) and Bell (from the Excite side), couldn’t have done a better job of running a business into the ground if they tried.

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