Losing Digital Devices In Cabs

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In the last six months 62,000 mobile phones have been left in the back of London cabs. Add to that 1,300 PDAs and 2,900 laptops, and that’s quite a collection the cabbies are putting together. Of course, the good news is the large majority of laptop and PDA owners are eventually reunited with their lost goods, but plenty of people let the phones go away. This reminds me of the story of my friend (who reads Techdirt, but who will remain nameless), who this past weekend was quite upset when he thought he left his very funky, imported from Europe, mobile phone in a taxi in San Francisco after a night of partying. He spent some time calling up the cab company trying to track down the phone. Then, a few days after losing the phone, while sitting in his room, he heard something buzzing, and discovered it had just slipped behind his bed. Maybe people shouldn’t be allowed to drink and carry a cell phone (or PDA or laptop).

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