Stepping Down The Career Ladder

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During the crazy internet boom it was clear that many people got promoted way beyond their levels of experience and ability. So what happens now? It seems that many egos also got promoted higher than necessary – and many are trying to deal with that fact as they take a step or two down the career advancement ladder. As the job market gets tougher, people are willing to look at lower level, lower paying jobs. However, even those jobs are tougher to get – and many companies don’t want to hire someone who’s overqualified, for fear that they’ll bolt the second the job market heats up again. Personally, I’ve been hearing a lot more people who are looking for a way to take a time out (such as going to business school) or looking for a “fun” or “different” job for a little while to hold over while the economy figures out what it’s really doing.

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Comments on “Stepping Down The Career Ladder”

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1 Comment
Ed says:


Perhaps we should just inflate peoples’ titles. In fact, it seems that has happened already. Whoever heard of a CTO 10 years ago? Let’s just bump all job titles up a level and people’s egos should be unbruised:

Director of … becomes Chief … Officer
Manager becomes Director
and so on. So what if a summer intern is now a Senior Manager of Summer Internship. Just think of it like calling your garbageman a Sanitation Engineer.

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