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It seems that the World Wildlife Fund is fighting with the World Wrestling Federation… and winning. The Fund has won a judgment against the wrestling group in court saying that the wrestlers need to stop promoting themselves using their initials and hand over WWF.com to the fund. My favorite comment from someone in the wrestling organization: “All these millions and millions of fans — if the environmental group had its way — would type in wwf.com, and instead of seeing everything they’ve seen for years … are going to be directed to their site and learn about panda bears and whatever they’re doing to save the world.”

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Comments on “WWF vs. WWF”

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emmzee (user link) says:

No Subject Given

I don’t see why the World Wildlife Foundation would have a claim to WWF.com? They have WWF.org already. It makes sense, the wildlife foundation is an organization, the Wrestling Federation is a business. And the Wrestling Federation has had the domain for many years now … I mean I have sympathy for the Wildlife Federation but …..

Duffman says:

Re: Re: No Subject Given

I believe the Wildlife Fund was around before the Wrestling Federation, and therefore was known as the WWF before the Federation was. The article points out that the Fund had no problem with the Federation staying the the US, but then it became more international. Just a case of being there first and laying claim because of it. I can especially understand them being angry if the Federation was ignoring the contract, which I can see them doing.

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