Government Investigating Music Label Services

from the but-will-they-do-anything? dept

It seems you can’t do anything involving online music without somehow getting involved in a lawsuit or six. After the music labels went out and crushed a bunch of online music companies, they’re working on their own programs (talked about here often enough) called MusicNet and Pressplay. The US Justice Department is starting to investigate both of them. MusicNet and Pressplay seem to think it’s nothing big. Of course, one of the odd details that comes out in the story is that MusicNet is requiring companies pay an upfront $750,000 fee just to negotiate with them for a license. That’s right, that’s three-quarters of a million dollars just to get to the table. It doesn’t guarantee you anything. Anyone want to pay me $750k just to negotiate with me? I promise I’ll go easy on you.

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