The Viewing Habits Of The Native Tivo User

from the more-TV,-less-commercials dept

An interesting study that looks at the viewing habits of people with PVRs (Personal Video Recorders such as Tivo). Not surprisingly, and supporting most anecdotal evidence, the study suggests that PVR owners watch more TV, but fewer commercials. They also suggest a significant portion have no idea what channel they’re watching. However, I found it surprising that only 25% of people using the PVR fast forward through commercials (which is the same % as those who fast forward commercials when they watch shows on a VCR). I would expect that number to be much higher. Other findings suggest that people want more storage (they often hook up their PVR to a VCR), and some buy multiple PVRs to set up with multiple TVs. The funniest bit, though, is at the end of the article where they ask a “senior executive” at an advertising firm about PVRs and he says he has never heard of them and didn’t want to know anything about them. Talk about your classic head in the sand quote.

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