War On Pop Up Ads

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Since the ever present pop up (and pop under) ads seem to be a popular topic around here, I’ll post this article that looks at a number of software products designed to get rid of pop up ads. Not surprisingly, downloads of such programs have jumped up tremendously over the past few months. In fact, many of the companies or people involved with writing these programs say that x10 has done more for them by being so incredibly annoying, than any other method of getting the word out there about their programs. Some websites are trying to figure out ways to get around the ad blockers, meaning that the struggle may go back and forth for a while. Analysts point out that ad blockers have been around for years and have never really caught on. Of course, that was before the ads got to be so ridiculous annoying. I stand by my assertion that most people don’t have much of a problem with ads in a page. The pop ups, however, cause a ton of problems (my browser often crashes) and just get in the way. Besides, I decided a long time ago I really don’t need an x10 camera…

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Comments on “War On Pop Up Ads”

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Dan says:


The only ads I ever will block are pop ups/unders.
To block banner ads is to steel from the site owners, how else are webmasters supposed to make money?
I run a few sites that are dependent on ads to cover their hosting fees, since I wont do so out of my own pocket and should not have to. My sites all use Apache-mods that allow me to block ad-blocking software from viewing the site, I rewrite all users using ad-blocking software to a page explaining to them why they are their and what they are doing wrong.
Without ads the sites you love, and use often, like CNN and Slashdot (yeah, sorry…) will ask for subscription fees, and eventually go out of business.
Think about this, people. Your fucking the people that entertain you over, really bad, by using ad blockers.

Brian says:

Re: Yuk!

Banner ads don’t work. People are realizing this
and will have to figure out some other way to
support their sites. There’s a reason ad rates
have consistantly gone down over the past few
years and that’s because banner ads are not
I’m not going to click on ’em and I’m not going to
buy products because of ’em. They’re annoying and
I will filter them.

musselduck says:

Re: Yuk!

I block everything I can. I use Junkbuster to block cookies, etc. and Galeon does an awesome job of blocking any popups. I also refuse to use java or javascript. Browsing the web is now a breeze. If a site is not browseable because of this, then I just skip it.

Think about this. We don’t “need” this form of entertainment, but we are taking advantage of it while it’s there. If it goes away, so be it, I refuse to pay.

And, when it’s all gone, or all big business (same thing in my book), then we’ll start talking with each other.

Rose says:

Re: Re: Re:2 Yuk!

Rather an interesting debate I stumbled on to as I was searching for an effective blocker that would configure with my new browser, Opera. I have been on line for 2 years. The amount of ads crammed onto one page increases beyond my limits of imagination. The ads are tacky, ugly, intrusive. This is either a reflection of the taste of our society, or just really poor design. The only ads I ever even remotely respond to are tastefully created. That would amount to about 1% of 1%. If webmasters want to make a living, then they should try to solicit ads that are tasteful and offer something worth exploring. I can’t even recall the hundreds of banner and pop up’s for CyberRebate, and look where that has gone. Many people, foolish enough to believe, have been left holding the bag. I could tell that it was a scam, but then, I don’t trust these ads in the first place. Does the webmaster not have some social responsibility to select ads that promote conscious living? Who says it is perfectly all right to feature ads that scam people, or are just plain tasteless. Not likely the internet will disolve, and when the ads become something other that trash, people will look. We are by nature a curious species. Stealing from webmasters, hum, who is really doing the stealing…

Spinster says:

Stoned or Stupid - you decide

Although a couple of comments to this topic make sense, the rest seem to be written by people who are either stoned or stupid. Have you ever heard of spelling? or grammar? If you’re too stupid to write simple English sentences, why do you think anyone gives a flying f**k about your moronic ideas?

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