No Risk Investing

from the just-sue-'em! dept

This just in! There’s no risk in investing in tech stocks. If you believed all the hype spewing out of analysts’ mouths and didn’t do any of your own research – and because of that lost your shirt, don’t fret. You can just sue your way back to the money. Merrill Lynch has settled a case against Henry “Amazon 400!” Blodget by agreeing to pay an investor who lost a lot of money most of that money back. Now, most of you know I’m no fan of many analysts (and Blodget in particular), but in the end, investors need to do their own research. Anyone who blindly followed an analyst deserves to lose cash. In the end it’s their decision whether or not to invest. The lawyers are now looking to hold other analyst firms for ransom. This is a bad precedent.

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