VeriSign Accuses Other Registrars Of Slamming

from the how-to-play-unfair dept

VeriSign, apparently sick of getting blamed for everything bad on the internet, is going on the offensive. They’re now accusing other registrars of “slamming”. That is, taking domains that were registered through Network Solutions and switching them to another registrar like or Tucows. It seems what happened was that ISPs who used to use Network Solution switched over to a different registrar and in the process took all the domains their customers had with them. The other registrars claim this isn’t really “slamming” since the customers’ relationship was with the ISP, and not the registrar – which is a pretty good argument. The problem, though, is that if the customers paid Network Solutions directly, then they probably do have a “relationship” with them. Should be interesting to see how this clears up.

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