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Okay, today is the Major League Baseball All-Star Game, so I have to post at least one baseball related story. Some guys were bumming around a batting cage and talking about how pilots learn to fly on simulators – and began to wonder why you couldn’t do the same thing with batting. So, they created a batting simulator that can recreate just about any kind of pitch thrown by just about any pitcher (in the current release they can’t do sidearmers or submarine pitchers – but that should be added soon). It sounds pretty cool, though I’d still like to see one to be able to see how realistic the switch from video image to real ball looks. Of course, this machine isn’t designed for use at your local batting cage. They’re trying to sell them to professional baseball teams, and some universities. Of course, at $175,000/machine, it wouldn’t be surprising for a few of baseballs multi-millionaires to pick up their own for home use.

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