We Are Monitoring Your Every Move

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I guess today is “Big Brother” day. First we have the article about on-the-job monitoring, and here’s a fun article pointing out that soon, people will be monitoring you everywhere you go. Most of the points made in the article aren’t new, and mention stories that have been covered elsewhere… but it is a good summary. The thing that I find amusing about all this, is that the old predictions always said that it would be the government doing all this monitoring. The reality appears to be corporations who are leading the charge on knowing your every move. Update: In a related story, the car rental company that fined the guy for speeding, and then had the Connecticut State Government tell them it was illegal has told the government to mind its own business and refuses to comply with the ruling from the state’s Consumer Protection Agency.

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Comments on “We Are Monitoring Your Every Move”

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1 Comment
Duffman says:

Corporate Big Brother

I read an article a couple months ago, it might have even been on Techdirt (though I can’t seem to locate it anywhere) about how the evil government (snicker) has started to just purchase the info they want from private companies whose business it is to collect it. The funny part was that the people who cry out at the collection of this info by the government were OK with it being collected by a private corporation (without knowing the info went to the government anyway). Made me laugh, anyway.

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