DigiGold's Bizarre Lawsuits

from the who-did-what-to-who-now? dept

I’ve read the article twice and I’m still not completely sure what happened, but it appears there’s quite the legal battle going on between DigiGold and the company that was created just to host their servers. The whole mess sounds a bit fishy. Systemics was created just for DigiGold, and was supposed to make money by doing work only for the many companies founded by the DigiGold founder. Somewhere along the way the relationship soured, and Systemics decided to turn off the DigiGold system for non-payment of bills. Why the relationship soured is a bit unclear. The guy behind Systemics may have been worried that DigiGold was being used for illegal activities, or he might have been pissed off that a DigiGold employee (who was not allowed to be fired by her boss), tried to “use her physical attractiveness” to seduce away an employee from Systemics to create a rival firm.

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