Red Bull Gives Dot Commers Wings…

from the get-real dept

I’ve been reading a ton of articles over the last year or so about the drink Red Bull (which I’ve still never tried). The marketing campaign (“Red Bull gives you wings…” done by cartoon characters) always confused me. Why would I want to drink some weird drink that gave cartoon characters wings? And then, there were all the weird rumors about the drink, and the fact that it seemed to be the mixer of choice at bars for people who seemed to feel the need to act cool. Now, it’s apparently the drink for dot commers. The article goes through a lot of the rumors that have been talked about before, and points out that the drink is mostly hype – but that enough people believe it that they keep on drinking.

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Comments on “Red Bull Gives Dot Commers Wings…”

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Snail says:


It makes you hyper. Which if you are tired and trying to code, could be good, for a short spell at least. I’ve tried it. I had 2 of them. That same evening I cycled 7.5 miles faster than normal, then got into a rather aggressive argument with a complete stranger over something completely unimportant. My girlfriend didn’t like
it and balmed the red bull. I think she was right.

Cool? Lame more like.

Ed says:

Worth noting...

…that the dot commers mentioned in the article who were relying on Red Bull to get them through “72-hour coding binges” have now found themselves out of work. (And whatever code they wrote after about hour 10 of that binge probably cost them more time and money to fix than if they had written it on a normal schedule.)

LoonyJetman says:


Try vodka & red bull, it tends to liven an evening up a little however I suggest that you make sure it isn’t the last drink of the evening as it will interfer quite heavily with your sleeping patterns
TVR – tequila, vodka, red bull is amusing but tastes dreadful.
Champagne, vodka, red bull – costly & dumb waste of champagne but gets you drunk fairly quickly

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