Behind The Metricom Meltdown

from the not-looking-good dept

Red Herring has an article they wrote about the collapse of Metricom. They actually wrote it prior to the bankruptcy filing, but rushed it out to their webpage to be more timely. It basically points out the many mistakes they’ve made along the way, and says that the current “interim” CEO’s job all along has been to sell the company – but they’re not sure it will ever get done. I’m still hoping someone rescues them, or I’m going to have to go back to dialup.

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Comments on “Behind The Metricom Meltdown”

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Clous says:

metricom -- good pay

Good find on the red herring article. I wanted to bring you your attention that the interim CEO is being paid $150K gross a month PLUS $5K per DAY — that’s $300K * 12 = $3.6 million a year PLUS 1.5% of the sale price. Even if the thing doesn’t sell for a while, for its certainly going into bankruptcy — that’s my kinda job!

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