Taking An AI Expert To See AI

from the not-really-necessary dept

I went and saw A.I. with some friends on opening night, and we came away feeling somewhat… disturbed. We couldn’t put our finger on it, but we felt like we needed to go watch something mindless afterwards to get that creepy feeling out of the back of our minds. But, what did real A.I. experts think? A Wired news reporter went to the show with an expert in artificial intelligence who didn’t really have that much to say other than your typical movie review. “It got a little sappy toward the end there.” And, of course, he mentioned there’s not much work being done on AI systems that can “love” like David in the movie. Update: Apparently, this wasn’t such an original idea. The San Jose Merc also took an expert to see AI and he had some other opinions – specifically about the design flaws in the original David.

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