Banning Phones From Cars Entirely

from the get-rid-of-'em-and-throw-people-in-jail dept

So, I didn’t post anything about the NY law to ban cell phones in cars because I didn’t think it was that big of a deal (though, I’ll have to remember to take my headset with me next time I’m in NY). However, the guy who created the bill is now pushing for a more stringent bill that would ban even hands free kits in cars. Also, instead of a $100 fine for yakking and driving, he wants to offense to be the same as DWI. Of course, I still don’t see how talking to someone using a hands free kit is any different than talking to a passenger in the car. Is he going to ban passenger cars next?

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Comments on “Banning Phones From Cars Entirely”

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kai says:

The difference

I understand the difference to be how the car passenger vs. the cell phone person reacts. For example, if you’re a passenger and see that you’re about to get in a tricky driving situation, you shut up or even warn the driver. On the other hand, the cell phone converser–oblivious to the circumstances in the car–keeps talking, or worse, tries to get your attention … “hellllloooo???”

Mark says:

Knee, and other jerks

Last month I attended a panel discussion that featured MN State Patol, AAA, CTIA, and, I think, a U of MN guy. All said the same thing: cell use is a distraction, but a minor one compared to other factors. Also, MN S.P. said they couldn’t document a single accident in which cell use was a contributing factor.

So, definitely, let’s ban cell use in cars based on one guy’s unverified anecdotal experience, and a four year old study-the results of which no one seems to be able to replicate.

Mmmmm. Now that’s good policy!

Phillip says:

Illegal in UK for years

It’s been illegal to drive whilst on a mobile for a long time in the UK. And to eat whilst driving. In fact anything that stops you from having two hands on the steering wheel. Possibly because most cars here are not automatics hence the use of two hands is pretty important. Over here, hands-free kit in the car is positively encouraged. It *is* recognised as distracting, far more than talking to a passenger (all to do with focus), but in the end people are going to take calls in their car so pragmatism rules.


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