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Apparently, schools are beginning to use the web to keep in touch with parents of schoolchildren. So, no more sending the kids’ report cards home to be signed. They just upload it to the web. Of course, they can also upload all their test scores, so parents can know just about everything about their kid – which some of the students aren’t too happy about. Though, considering how much more computer savvy a lot of kids are, I’m sure it won’t take long for them to figure out ways to create fake web pages where their report cards show all As.

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1 Comment
kya says:

i think that my teachers are failing me on purpose because they always think that i don’t do any work and i think that ain’t fair and i don’t like them except for my teacher ms. t summers and i think she pass a good way cause she knows that i try and i think that i try the others just knows i try but don’t give anybody any credit and i think its not fair im in the 7th grade and i think that im a smart young lady and i want to do somethink with my life unlike some people on the streets i want to be a models im 5’8′ in the 7th grade supposing to be in the 8th grade i really think i need to be skipped up i want to look at my report card online free to see if ant college would except me for anything besides grades. thank you

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