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19% Of Kids Say They Were Solicited For Sex Online

from the questionable-studies dept

In a study that’s sure to make people yell and scream and make a big stink over something that’s probably not as bad as they think, 19% of teenagers say they’ve been solicited for sex online. I’m not sure I believe the results, and I’d bet a lot of teens answered the questions the way they thought they should have been – rather than truthfully. I wouldn’t consider a study that just asks the teens without any other backup research as valid. Update: Along with that study another study is coming out suggesting that kids are pretty good at dealing with it when strangers solicit them. They know that there’s bad stuff out there, and they know enough to block it. I think that’s a more interesting study than the first one. It actually shows that kids have brains – which is something that too many overprotective folks seem to forget.

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