Digital Convergence Going Out Of Business

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Well, what a non-surprise. The company that had the guts to claim they’d created the “the biggest computer innovation since the mouse” is going out of business. It seems that no one wanted their innovation – which was a cat-shaped scanner that would let you scan an advertisement in a magazine so you could get more info on the web. (sarcasm time) How could that have possibly failed to catch on? Doesn’t everyone read magazines and want to grab a plastic animal, run it across the page, and then read up more info from an advertiser? They basically took the (failed) idea of the banner ad click through, and made it even more user unfriendly in a medium that had no need for it. What innovative geniuses.

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Comments on “Digital Convergence Going Out Of Business”

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1 Comment
sb says:

No Subject Given

dude, they NEVER thought it was a good idea.
people just needed a TOKEN idea
in order to make a company , and try to sell stock to all the chumps out there,,,,mutual funds, mom and pop, daytraders, whoever..
it was NEVER about the stupid damn idea,,,it was marketing a stock….end of story…people tried to take public,,,,they knew it was dogshit..

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