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The SJ Merc has an interview with Larry Ellison. To be honest, I was actually impressed. He doesn’t come off quite as arrogant as he normally does (they even talk about his arrogant image). Either he’s toned things down a bit, or he’s hired a publicist who’s taught him how to act humble (or, perhaps, he’s really not as bad as they make him out to be). The best part, though, is when he talks about how he and Steve Jobs have discussed wearing t-shirts saying “The Mercurial Steve Jobs” and “The Arrogant Larry Ellison”. He also talks about his near death experience during a boating race three years ago.

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Comments on “Ellison On Ellison”

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Ed says:


Perhaps our expectations are now so low that as long as Larry doesn’t climb onto his roof and shout “I am a golden god!” we’re surprised by his lack of arrogance. Actually, the only time in the article that I thought he said anything remotely humble was this:

By the way, I’d much rather be racing against boats or against Microsoft than try to deal with what Andy Grove had to deal with, cancer.

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