The Internet's Legal Conundrum

from the who's-laws-apply-and-how dept

Representatives from a whole bunch of companies are meeting in the Hague to try to bang out an agreement about how to deal with cross border lawsuits, mainly involving the internet. It sounds like very few people are likely to be happy with the results. There is also fear that whatever resolution they come up with could stifle at least some level of e-commerce, if it requires companies to abide by the specific laws in each country where they do business.

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Comments on “The Internet's Legal Conundrum”

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1 Comment
Duffman says:

Related article

There’s a related article I read from another source that deals with this too. Kind of interesting – the person bringing the case up is citing an 1848 judgement in England in his case to have his case against the Dow Jones heard in Australia, where he is from. The issue is Internet publishing. The article can be found here.

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