No Women On Mars

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Russians planning a trip to Mars have decided that they probably don’t want any women on the trip to lessen the chance of conflict. Personally, I think this is ridiculous and sexist. You would think that anyone on a first trip to Mars would be chosen for their professional abilities – and those people would be able to get past any sort of gender-based quarrels. &ltjoke&gtHowever, I have to admit that there’s been significantly less conflict in my life since my last relationship ended – so maybe they’re on to something.&lt/joke&gt Sorry. Couldn’t resist.

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Comments on “No Women On Mars”

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1 Comment
lee says:

women on mars

I heard that there was a problem as far as the female astronaut pressed charges for sexual harrassment of the Russian astronaut, is this true? That is why they are not having any women on the expedition, because men can’t keep it together professionally, that they can’t move beyond the physicality of being together, working together.

If this is true then how little we have come from the caveman era!:((

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