What's Going To Happen With Wireless Coffee Shops?

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There’s been a lot of talk from companies saying they were going to set up coffee shops with wireless access, but no one has come up with a real working business model for it yet. There are many coffee shops that are offering wireless access, but for the most part it’s free for now – as they try to figure out the “billing problem”.

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Comments on “What's Going To Happen With Wireless Coffee Shops?”

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Puzzled (user link) says:

No Subject Given

Why is there a billing problem? There are several models:

1) It’s free and you assume that people will
drink lot’s more of your overpriced coffee.

2) It’s covered by the cost of the coffee
3) People pay to use the wireless net when they get
coffee on an honesty model (sure, a lot of people aren’t honest, but most people are)

If you are worried about people hooking up from outside your cafe then you you just set up two or three repeaters and use signal strength to do triangulation to work out where the person is and chopt hem if they are outside the shop.

None of this is rocket science……

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