Nothing Succeeds Like Failure

from the get-paid-lots-of-money-for-failures! dept

Well this isn’t going to make many people happy. It seems that if you were a big shot dot com CEO who drove your company into the ground, you can now make ridiculous amounts of money on the lecture circuit. This is ridiculous. Hell, if anyone wants to pay me $15,000 to $30,000 a day, I’ll come and explain why your company is messed up for wasting $15,000 to $30,000 on idiots like me. I’ll even try to be funny about it.

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Comments on “Nothing Succeeds Like Failure”

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1 Comment
Anonymous Coward says:

you don't understand...

…to be viable on the lecutre circuit, the degree
to which your company screwed up must be
monumental. half-baked ./ copy-cat sites don’t

There *is* an upside to the lecture circuit.
It allows the fsckers who squandered investors’
moneies to be publically accessable, leaving the
potential for example by public assassination.

I’d really like to see a dot-com money burner
explain, for 45 miniutes, just exactly what
happened and then see them shot in the head at
the end of the lecture by one of their share
slaves who worked for sub-standard pay for 2
year of their life, only to see their “investment”
in the company become worthless overnight *and*
end up owing more than they’ll ever make in their
life to the IRS in taxes (just because they didn’t
dump their “investment” in the compnay soon
enough). When you break a person like that, you
dance with the devil.

Would a jury convict? Somehow I doubt it.

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