Technology Up For Sale Again

from the getting-cheaper... dept

After failed, its technology was sold to Bright Station for ?250,000. Bright Station is now in trouble and have put the technology back up for sale. It’s funny how all this technology that cost millions to create is now getting sold (and resold) for pennies on the dollar. If this keeps up, we’re going to have to start buying it up at Techdirt, and before you know it, for about $1,000 we’ll own the internet (insert evil laugh here). I’d at least be intereted in the 3D rotating floating technology so we can set it up here and poke fun at it. Ooh, maybe we could make Techdirt look really lame and turn all of our sparse graphics into rotating graphics using million dollar technology (for the humor impaired who are already writing nasty notes to me – this is a joke). Reminds me of the IBM commercial: “Do you want the burning logo or the spinning logo?”

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