Be Careful Where You Book Your Online Hotel Reservation

from the what-was-she-thinking? dept

I had to read this one a few times before I believed it. An American woman thought she had booked hotel reservations at the 5 star White Swan Hotel in Guangzhou, China. Instead, she had actually booked at the White Swan bed-and-breakfast in Pickering, Yorkshire, UK. She didn’t realize until she showed up at the hotel in China and they told her that they didn’t have a record of her reservation. Only then did she look on the receipt and see where her reservations were actually made for. It’s a fairly difficult mistake to make as the websites for both facilities make it pretty clear where they are located. There’s a great (understated) quote from the “Guest Relations Manager” at the White Swan in China saying “It’s quite a surprising mistake to make to be honest, because the website says things like how to get there from places like London, which may suggest to some people that it’s not actually in Guangzhou.”

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