Kids Not Buying Mobile Phones In The US

from the too-expensive-or-too-ugly dept

Despite all the hype about Generation Y and their lust for wireless devices, it appears that kids in the US just aren’t buying. There’s a few reasons for this. One is that the cool looking phones are just too expensive for your average teenager. Of course, they would never be seen chatting on an ugly cheap phone. The other problem is that schools tend not to allow cell phones, though, I would think that would add incentive for kids to sneak phones in – since they’d be breaking some rules.

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Comments on “Kids Not Buying Mobile Phones In The US”

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1 Comment
Bob says:

Kids Not Buying Mobile Phones in the US

God forbid (oops… God isn’t allowed in school either) that kids should go to school to learn. While colleges and businesses are being forced to lower their standards and expectations, kids are worrying over the brand names on their clothes and what their cell phone/pagers look like. The ones that do realize that learning basic skills is important eventually become the young adults with the decent jobs (other than MacDonalds, Grocery Store Baggers, and the like) that can afford the sleek $500 mobile phones, or better yet, are given the sleek $500 mobile phone by the company they work for.

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