Wonder If They'll Have A Line Of PalmPilots In Pink

from the trouble-in-palm-land dept

bfrank writes “Since the Palm IIIc can handle color images, is Palm handing out the pink slips electronically? In what has been described as a “cost-cutting” measure, Palm has moved to layoff anywhere between 10-15 percent of their workforce. With increased competition from Handspring, Microsoft, and Research In Motion (the makers of the popular Blackberry device), Palm has significantly lost the lead in the technology and the marketing of PDAs. Their only saving grace: continued licensing of Palm software to third-party vendors. However, with the OS becoming a commodity, Palm will have to look to suppliment their revenues with other initiatives. I’m betting on niche services and mobile management projects, since those can take advantage of their handheld technology, and leverage them beyond their install base of PDAs.”

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