Rude Programs

from the stop-that dept

A good article pointing out a pet peeve of mine. It’s getting more and more common that I’ll be working away on something and some other program will pop up a box of somesort destroying my train of thought and forcing me to click “okay” or something else. Actually, as I was reading the article I had one interruption. It’s getting worse as web page designers keep adding those awful pop up ads (which actually tend to crash my browser – so if you want me to purposely avoid your website, add a pop up ad) that do the same thing.

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Comments on “Rude Programs”

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Jim says:

popup windows don't even fit your screen

I agree …but I have a solution. It came to me after msie 5.5 stopped printing web pages correctly. After trying to remove it, I finally had to format my drive and reinstall win95B.
I discovered msie 3.02 comes with my version.
NOW WHY install the latest browser and then have to disable everything just to surf?
3.02 has few to no popup windows – and with junkbuster as a proxy you can remove all .gif’s.
gif’s are the beasties that carry web bugs and I found almost all cookies.
I know its weird, but if you can remove gif’s all the crap just disappears and you can still see a good jpg!
oh well. You just love javascript and all the garbage on certain sites?
Maybe this isn’t for you.

Phillip says:

No Subject Given

A long time ago I used WebWasher. It used to be free but they charge $30 for it now. It should be pretty easy to write a proxy server that filters this stuff though. Just grep the page for or whatever and insert a // at the beginning of that line.

With banner ads, on my Unix box it’s easy to hardwire (and similar) to resolve to What is an easy way of doing this on a Windoze box?


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