P2P Is Dead. Long Live P2P

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The Wall Street Journal has announced that the P2P craze is now officially over. Some would probably say that P2P died the first time the Wall Street Journal mentioned it. The article goes on to discuss P2P failures. What this really means, though, is that companies who are really doing stuff that falls under the P2P label can focus on actually creating useful technologies rather than hyping up the whole “P2P” thing.

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Comments on “P2P Is Dead. Long Live P2P”

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Ryan says:


One of the most annoying websites that I’ve come across that use the P2P label to describe themselves is Keen.com. What an absolutely crap site!!!! I can’t believe that Red Herring actually let’s their CEO right for them. Thank goodness the fads are moving out of the P2P space.

P.S. These are my own personal views about keen.com, I actually think the site is a totally stupid idea but then thats just me.

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