Investors Trading Brokers For Lawyers

from the let's-sue dept

Have you seen your portfolio disappear in the last year? You’re not alone. What should you do? Maybe you should call your lawyer. Everyone else is. It seems that there are now a ton of lawsuits against companies and their senior executives for pumping up stocks that have since collapsed. Maybe someone should start a dot com to make it easy to sue dot coms whose stocks have collapsed…

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Comments on “Investors Trading Brokers For Lawyers”

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Ed says:

Shareholder Lawsuits

The trouble with shareholder lawsuits now is that the value of these companies has already evaporated. Even if the plaintiffs win, where’s the money to pay the settlement going to come from? Even if Jay Walker stood up in court and said “Name-your-own-price gasoline would never work and I knew it all along,” nothing will ever make Priceline stock go back to $100/share.

Anonymous Coward says:

what's the matter?

Why is everybody whining about the stock market? I don’t understand… On exactly March 10th of 2000 I shifted my portfolio from long to short… even my grandmother knew that stocks were overvalued… bear can be as good as bull, you just have to be on the right site of the market…. the party continues…

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