Europe Catches a Cold

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As the US economy’s slowdown seems to be bottoming out, it seems Europe’s is begining to slip. The Bank of England is poised to cut interest rates in response to this slowdown and the number unemployed in Germany has started to increase. When the US economy started to slow I remember many prominent European officials stating that Europe was large enough not be affect, I guess they were wrong!

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Comments on “Europe Catches a Cold”

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Ryan says:

Re: Large Enough?

I remember reading (about two months ago) in the European Business week magazine two articles, two economists had one page to get there point across, one predicted (the US economist) that the american economy would slow but recover rapidly (draging down the European economy in the process) and another (the European Economist) predicted that europe wouldn’t feel much of a slow down because of the relative economic independence of the EU.

I have to admit they were both really interesting articles and at the time it seemed that Europe was escaping the slow down but then of course indicators have in the past month or so started showing a slow down in Europe.

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