Looking For The Geekiest Geek Guy/Hippest Hip Urban Chick

from the contest-time dept

So, TechTV contacted us and then chose to slight us with their Biggest Geek In Silicon Valley contest where the winner gets free services from GeekBoyServices.com. They chose to ignore our companion GeekGirlServices site. How could we sit idly by? Well, we almost did, but severe boredom prompted our response. Yes, it’s contest time. We’re looking for the hippest hip urban chick as well as the geekiest geek guy in Silicon Valley and we’ll send them together on a trip to Fry’s or something. Or maybe it’s just a joke (though, I’ll note it’s well past April first) – and I’m actually really intrigued to see what sort of responses we get. Click on the contest link to read all the details and background story.

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Comments on “Looking For The Geekiest Geek Guy/Hippest Hip Urban Chick”

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Scott says:

Re: the biggest geek

I agree. Techtv does nothing but talk about CDRWs and other random novice junk. Not everything is crap; Davorak is with it and some of the science stuff is cool. But I mean, look at their Ultimate Gaming Machine; they can’t even build one without breaking it half a dozen times; plus their components weren’t thought through. I wanna have some hard core computer stuff like beowulfing and AI programming instead of monotonous beginners with their idiot questions.

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