NorthPoint Made The Situation Worse

from the wonderful dept

Well, this is just what I wanted to hear. Now that my DSL is gone, I’ve now gotten the answer to yesterday’s question of why my ISP didn’t switch me off of NorthPoint after they declared bankruptcy. The answer is NorthPoint themselves told the ISPs that there wouldn’t be a sudden shut down and threatened legal action to anyone who switched their customers to a different provider. So, thanks to NorthPoint’s unwillingness to admit they were screwed, myself and 99,999 others are without high speed access. Very nice. My next clueless question, though, is what is so difficult about switching me over to a new provider that it’s going to take at least a month? Everything is installed… can’t the connection just switch over to a different provider? Does someone more knowledgeable than I want to take a stab at that one? Update: There’s now an online petition directed at AT&T from angry NorthPoint users blaming them for not allowing the network to stay up for enough time for users to migrate.

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