Winning Losers

from the all-you-have-to-do-is-lose-less-than-the-next-guy dept

Forbes has started discussing a weekly “winner of the week”, except they are apparently having trouble coming up with a winner this week, so they’re looking at losers who didn’t lose as badly. The argument they make is that these particular losers (Scott Kurnit at About who sold out to Primedia, and Bob Davis at Lycos who sold out to Terra) saw the coming storm and sold out while they still could to companies that could hopefully weather the storm. Other egomaniacal CEOs believed their own hype and are riding their companies right down the drain. It’s an interesting point – and it definitely does help to view your own successes with a bit of moderation. However, don’t you also want a CEO who really believes in the company and its potential? What could really be said of all the companies discussed is that none of them came up with a sustainable business model and now they’re all paying the price in some way or another.

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