Apple Ad Campaign Advertising Features They No Longer Support

from the oops dept

Apple has apparently spent quite a bit of money on a new ad campaign with the punch line being: “Rip. Mix. Burn.” This campaign just started a couple of weeks ago. It’s unfortunate, then, that the new OS X won’t let you “rip, mix, and burn” as it doesn’t currently support any burning features. You would think this is the sort of thing that a company such as Apple would think about more carefully. At the very least, you would think that they wouldn’t have started the ad campaign until burning capabilities were included in the new OS.

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Comments on “Apple Ad Campaign Advertising Features They No Longer Support”

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msykes (user link) says:

Re: Think about it

I think what u2604ab is trying to say, is that new Apple computers are not even going to have OSX preloaded until this summer. Apple acknowledges that OSX is not 100% feature complete, but they are providing it now as a release for early adopters. CDRW support is currently the #1 priority for Apple to complete, and is on schedule to be completed within a month. By the time MacWorld July rolls around, and OSX is preloaded, it will come with all of the features that Apple has advertised, and that Apple customers have come to expect.

mhh5 says:

what's wrong with Masnick?

Why is this news? Oh, maybe b/c non-mac users don’t realize that OSX and OS9 will run along side each other until more apps are developed for OSX…. And iTunes still runs under OS9.. So mac users will be able to Rip and Mix and Burn…

But maybe the news here is that OSX is being released before it’s ready… Because no company in their right mind would ever release an OS that wasn’t complete.

Mike (profile) says:

Re: Re: what's wrong with Masnick?

You can make all the excuses you want, but not everyone is as focused on this as you guys and your Mac-centric world. This is confusing advertising from a company that doesn’t want its users to think that much (and I think this is a good thing!). They just want to create very useable solutions. So, to advertise one thing – in conjunction with the OS X promotions *will* cause confusion. That’s my point.

msykes (user link) says:

Re: Re: Re: what's wrong with Masnick?

Hmmm. Call me crazy, but I watch a LOT of TV, and I haven’t seen an OSX ad yet. Maybe they’ll show up March 24th, but I doubt it. Hence, you have no point at all. The same people that understand the early adopter aspect of OSX are the only ones really gettting it promoted to them at all. At least until CNet started spreading blatant lies about OSX that is. I think Techdirt needs a better source of news than CNet on Apple related stuff from now on.

Mike (profile) says:

Re: Re: Re:2 what's wrong with Masnick?

I read a ton of news other than CNET and I look at articles from all over the place. It’s not like I made this one up. In fact, the article we’re talking about here isn’t even *from* CNET.

The fact is that it’s public perception that Apple is sending out mixed messages. This article appeared on internetnews and a similar one was in the San Jose Merc as well. You can deny all you want, but people are saying that they’re confused by Apple’s advertising. That’s a problem.

mhh5 says:

Re: Re: Re:3 what's wrong with Masnick?

OK. I don’t think that many non-mac people are eagerly anticipating OSX as much as the occupants of Apt. #3912. I actually think most non-mac people don’t even know what OSX *is* yet. It’s just semi-mac-wired people like Masnick who have the time and effort to complain about Apple’s questionable OS release timing…. Fully-mac-wired people know what’s up. And everyone else doesn’t care yet. Newbie Mac users probably won’t even notice any “confusion” b/c they won’t get their hands on OSX until the fall….

mhh5 says:

Re: Re: Re:5 what's wrong with Masnick?

Um. That’s EXACTLY MY POINT. You (and other “technologically-oriented” people) are not really Apple’s target audience for OSX right now. OSX is being pitched to ultra-mac-geeks right now. Not you. Not PC users. Not your mother.
It’s not confusing. You are confused b/c you have something against macs or b/c you just a little *too* technology-oriented for your own good. Apple is not trying to convert YOU into buying OSX right now. Look at the price! Who would buy it at that price? Certainly not you. Certainly not ANYONE who wasn’t drooling for it.
So please. Stop trying to make it sound like Apple is making some huge advertizing mistake. (And check out this article)

Let me ask you a question, though. What is the difference between Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, and XP? THAT’S CONFUSING! (more so than this OSX stuff) Did you post any articles about that? Did anyone write articles about that?

OK. It seems that this conversation may need to be continued at the next PDWU meeting…

msykes (user link) says:

Re: Re: Re:6 what's wrong with Masnick?

Okay, I’ve got to side with mhh5 here. I haven’t got a clue what the difference between 2000 and ME is. I also find it a little confusing that the Pentium IV is slower than the Pentium III. Well, sometimes it is. Sometimes it’s not though. I’m also confused by the fact that Microsoft software seems to have emotions according to their latest ad campaign. F*#% it, I’m going back to snail-mail.

Mike (profile) says:

Re: Re: Re:7 what's wrong with Masnick?

Ok. Let’s try this again.

This has nothing to do with Microsoft or Intel. When they do something stupid I say they’ve done something stupid. If you think I’m this huge Microsoft supporter then you apparently don’t read Techdirt that much either.

You guys can believe whatever you want, but let’s face it, Apple is releasing a product before it’s ready for prime time – and they are releasing it. With all the fanfare that’s going on, this isn’t an “early adopter” release. This isn’t a beta release. They did that already. They are launching the damn product. And your everday Joe Smith Mac user walking through his local Wal-mart is going to see it and buy it because he wants this new OS X that is being talked about *everywhere*. Then he’s going to see their little commercial and not understand why his brand new super cool OS X doesn’t burn like the commercial says it will.

I know you guys are fine with that, but it seems silly to me. Just because you guys want to believe that Apple can do no wrong, and you’re all very understanding of the mistakes that Apples has made, doesn’t mean that they’re making smart business decisions.

This isn’t about a naming convention. This is about releasing a product before it’s ready. Lots of companies do that, and I’ll get on them for that. But the arrogance of you Mac fans is pretty sickening. You drink their damn kool-aid way too much. You guys should learn to stand up and complain when Apple does something stupid instead of goosestepping your way into line.


mhh5 says:

Re: Re: Re:8 what's wrong with Masnick?

Please read my first comment. I AGREE WITH YOU that OSX is being released before it’s complete. I’m not arguing that. I just don’t think it’s that news-worthy b/c EVERY software maker releases stuff before it’s ready….

What I DISAGREE with is your statements suggesting that “everyday joe-smith mac users” are going to buy OSX for $130 and get confused or disappointed by it for its lack of DVD/CDRW capability. B/c I really doubt that average mac users are buying OSX before late summer or fall. You even said yourself that “most technology-oriented people” are aware of OSX. Well, that’s not a good description of your average mac user. Your average mac user is not that tech-oriented, and if he/she wants to rip&mix&burn he/she won’t be confused b/c he/she either already has a G4 that can rip&mix&burn or must go out and buy a G4 that it won’t have OSX on it…! And I hope no one out there who doesn’t already have the ability to rip&mix&burn is thinking “oh, all I have to do is upgrade my OS, and I don’t need to buy new hardware.” That’s just crazy. Forgive my “arrogance”… 🙂

As for making smart business decisions, I AGREE with you that apple isn’t perfect. They’ve made consistently bad decisions. I’ll list some:
1) not having a true multi-tasking OS until now
2) creating clones in the mid 90’s
3) ALWAYS having an undersupply of powerbooks when they are announced
4) having an oversupply of G4 Cubes…
5) not having the best tech support out there.
6) and the list goes on…

But I’m not sure this “confusion over OSX” you think is going to happen is going to happen. While I agree it’s a cute little headline to diss OSX, the real story has no substance. I don’t think anyone’s going to be that confused or disappointed by the inability to rip&mix&burn on OSX from now until July. If anyone is disappointed with OSX, there will probably be plenty of things to complain about. I can already name a few things I don’t like about OSX…. (since I’m using it right now)

Should I post a review of OSX? I think I will… 😛

mhh5 says:

Re: Re: Re:9 what's wrong with Masnick?

OK. I stand corrected. Stupid people with lots of disposable income exist. I just didn’t think anyone would buy OSX for $130 w/o looking into its features first. Apparently I am wrong. I still don’t think that the “average” mac user is willing to shell out for OSX yet, but this guy is. But I don’t think he’s an average mac user….

Mike (profile) says:

Re: Re: Re:10 what's wrong with Masnick?

Well, I can’t read the story of that guy because they want me to log in. So, I have no idea what they’re talking about. However, I will say that you should always expect people to buy products without reading feature lists. You give consumers way too much credit. If you have any interest in technology whatsoever (which defines a whole lot of people) you’re probably hearing something about Mac OS X. People keep saying how wonderful it’s going to be, and I’m sure that’s what plenty of people are thinking… so they see it’s available and they buy it thinking “it’s released, people said it was going to be cool, I should have it” and then they get all pissed off because it doesn’t do half the stuff their old Mac OS did.

mhh5 says:

Re: Re: Re:11 what's wrong with Masnick?

I just checked out that link… apparently, uh, apple has “moderated” some of the comments in their technical discussions list. They didn’t delete the original post, but they deleted some of the comments that I’m sure make fun of the OSX newbie…

Here’s a copy of the OSX newbie’s post:

Surely our beloved Apple didn’t just put out the most useless piece of software ever invented. It seems that I just spent $400 on an expansion bay cdrw for my powerbook g3 and $130 on OSX just to find that OSX does not support the 2 most popular hardware innovations of decade – cdrw and dvd. Who came up with this ridiculous idea. If I need to keep starting up in 9.1 to make my powerbook work why did anyone even bother to make OSX? Kudos to the marketing group for talking us in to buying it. God are we a bunch of schmucks.

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