Staples Selling Mac OS X Early

from the oops dept

How do you make Steve Jobs mad? You go against the plan. And, in this case, the plan is to launch Mac OS X on March 24th. However, some Staples stores have been selling it early. Apparently no one filled them in on the plan. The trick, if you want an early copy, is to find the right Staples store clerk who has no clue, and ask him to run in the back and get you a copy. The article names a few of the stores that are carrying the OS openly, but also mentions one Staples store (in Ithaca, NY, of all places) that apparently has none in stock. That’s very fitting for Ithaca. Perhaps the local townspeople are boycotting it because it’s too big of a name and they are coming out with their own IthacaOS or something (note for those of you who didn’t realize it: I lived in the nothingness that is Ithaca NY for a period of time).

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Comments on “Staples Selling Mac OS X Early”

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Anonymous Coward says:

right on the money

After Ithaca came out with IthacaOS and only the freaky food coop workers bought it, they’d start complaining about how the town 5 minutes away is sucking all the money out of the College students by selling a commercial OS who engages in harmful [profitable] business practices. Sheesh! Ithaca is a cool place to hang out for four years, but it’s a prime example of what happens when you let academics win local elections.

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