My Robodog Can Beat Up Your Robodog

from the bigger,-badder,-and-internet-connected dept

So, you like your cute little Aibo robot dog, huh? Well, you haven’t seen a thing yet… Some guy has created a new, bigger, smarter, and internet connected robodog. The dog, which is the size of a Labradour, can climb over obstacles, play football (?!?), do handstands, and will guard your land for you. You can log into the dog from the internet and see what he sees. He will also read email to you and respond to shouted commands. One step closer to making science fiction a reality.

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Comments on “My Robodog Can Beat Up Your Robodog”

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Jon Kerr says:

Snow Crash

Ng Security Industries Semi-Autonomous Guard Unit #A-367 lives in a pleasant black-and-white Metaverse where porterhouse steaks grow on trees, dangling at head level from low branches, and blood-drenched Frisbees fly through the crisp, cool air for no reason at all, until you catch them.
He has a little yard all to himself. It has a fence around it. He knows he can’t jump over the fence. He’s never actually tried to jump it, because he knows he can’t. He doesn’t go into the yard unless he has to. It’s hot out there.
He has an important job: Protect the yard. Sometimes people come in and out of the yard. most of the time, they are good people, and he doesn’t bother them. He doesn’t know why they are good people. He just knows it. Sometimes they are bad people, and he has to do bad things to them to make them go away. This is fitting and proper.

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